Platformio failed to install as regular user

Trying to install Platformio on Visual Studio and it installs OK as Administrator but not as regular user -

Installing PlatformIO Core…
Please do not close this window and do not open other folders until this process is completed.
Failed to install PlatformIO IDE.

This in on a windows 10…

Any suggestions? I’d prefer not to use VS as admin.


Causes of failed installations are often related to antivirus software. Have you tried to disable all AV as a verification? Also, does any other more detailed error pop up? Is the VSCode directory somehow owned by admin maybe?

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That was a great thought, still got the same error though. I don’t know… I have it installed on Atom.

I was going to move some stuff over to VS and see how I liked it.

I’m going to uninstall it and start over.

Much appreciated!

If you still don’t have any luck or get any useful error messages, try opening the Developer Tools (Help -> Toggle Developer Tools) as soon as possible after opening VSCode, to see if there are any error messages sent to the console there.