Platformio.exe "failed to create process"

I’ve tried to compile/build esp8266 firmware from VSCode with Platformio IDE, but when I try to compile/build it show:

platformio.exe run < failed to create process

I’ve tried uninstall the Platformio IDE extension from VSCode, remove the content on .platformio folder, restart the IDE, and install Platformio IDE again (like clean install), but it still return failed to create process error message (even if I run VSCode under administrator)

I’m also have tried to run platformio.exe (just type platformio.exe) manually using terminal (command prompt) even with administrator privilege, the execute also return failed to create process (on terminal/command prompt). so right now I’m stuck on how to compile/build my code.

For information, I use Platformio Core version 5.2.5; Windows 11;

Any antivirus active that could block this?

I don’t think antivirus because I only have Windows Defender installed (not using any 3rd party antivirus). I also have excluded the platformio.exe on Windows Defender settings.

I’ve also install Python 3.10, but it not resolve the issue. If there’s verbose option, I might able to look more detail and not just “failed to create process”. There’s also no information on Windows event viewer.

Is there any trace log on platformio that we can enable the setting for verbose logging?

Hm I’m not sure. Maybe the Help → Toggle Developer Tools → Console shows some error? In any case, pelase open an issue at Issues · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub.