Platformio dead


I thought I had a problem because there is mo internet connection at my remote site, but I think the problem may be wider:


any help to restore PIO to a working state would be much appreciated.

If there’s anything I need to do with PIO in order to upload code to my AVRs without an internet connection, any advice would agin be much appreciated.


Magic has happened. This morning I went into PIO to reinstall megacorex (no idea how, but thought I’d try) and after a few minutes all the errors disappeared and the megacorex folder is now in place:


So it seems to have recognised the problem and done something about it. Why did it take the best part of a day I wonder?

Very frustrating.

So back to my question now about whether I can use PIO successfully without an internet connection to upload code to my AVRs. It didn’t work when I tried, so is there perhaps a configuration item I need to set so that PIO knows there’s no internet?


You can use PlatformIO in offline mode once you complete the first compilation/uploading with the Internet. PlatformIO pulls dependent packages in runtime. We don’t predownload hundreds of gigabytes (packages) to use machine.

ok thanks, I’ll give it another try.