PlatformIO CLI - library manager

Hi folks,

I will try to describe my issue. As maybe some may recall, I wrote two libraries: Einstein and FortuneTeller, to manage time and SD content. Since I am an engineer myself, consider what an QA Engineer would do. I performed the commands “pio lib install Einstein” and “pio lib install FortuneTeller” with success, after naturally install platformio from apt-get repository. The latter comes was in version 1.0.1. Then, I performed some changes on it and updated its version to 1.1.0. For some reason, the command “pio lib list” lists the two libraries versions. Moreover, I had to perform multiple times “pio lib uninstall library_name” to remove all 4 libraries on the repository.

It might be a bug as far as someone reproduce the same issue as I had.

Thank for reading until here.

Best regards,
Bruno Peixoto