PlatformIO CLI installation issue on Raspberry Pi



I am attempting to install the CLI on a Raspberry Pi that is running Raspbian 9 (Stretch). I am using pip, and when I run the command “pip install -U platformio”, everything appears to work fine. However, I am not able to find any evidence that platformio actually was installed. I can’t find the shell command anywhere.

I am I missing something?



Does python -m platformio python2 -m platformio bring up platformio?

Seems like it was installed in your local users script folder which isn’t in your $PATH. Search for it with like find . -name "" from within your home folder and add the path to it to $PATH.


Thanks Max.

Looks like it was installed in:




You installed PIO Core in user’s Python location. You need to add /home/pi/.local/bin to $PATH. Otherwise, uninstall PlatformIO from global scope and install it into a virtual environment. See


Hi Ivan,

Yes, I have added that path to my PATH environment variable.

I am curious, however, as to why it got installed there. That doesn’t seem to match the documentation. I just ran a standard pip install command.

Global scope is fine for this setup. It’s just an RPi that I am using for some demonstration stuff.

BTW -> I plugged PlatformIO again this week:


Thanks for your help!


Do you use Raspbian distributive?

P.S: Thank you so much for the video! We already posted it to our community :blush: