PlatformIO CLI 2.9.2

PlatformIO CLI 2.9.2 is released!

Release Notes

  • Simplified Continuous Integration with AppVeyor (issue #671)
  • Automatically add source directory to CPPPATH of Build System
  • Added support for Silicon Labs SLSTK3401A (Pearl Gecko) and MultiTech mDot F411 ARM mbed based boards
  • Added support for MightyCore ATmega8535 board (issue #585)
  • Added stlink as the default uploader for STM32 Discovery boards (issue #665)
  • Use HTTP mirror for Package Manager in a case with SSL errors (issue #645)
  • Improved firmware uploading to Arduino Leonardo/Due based boards
  • Fixed bug with env_default when pio run -e is used
  • Fixed issue with src_filter option for Windows OS (issue #652)
  • Fixed configuration data for TI LaunchPads based on msp430fr4133 and msp430fr6989 MCUs (issue #676)
  • Fixed issue with ARM mbed framework and multiple definition errors on FRDM-KL46Z board (issue #641)
  • Fixed issue with ARM mbed framework when abstract class breaks compile for LPC1768 (issue #666)


Command Line / Terminal

> platformio upgrade

# or using `pip` (Python Package Manager)
> pip install -U platformio

PlatformIO CLI in PlatformIO IDE

Please click on Menu: PlatformIO > Upgrade PlatformIO.

PlatformIO IDE