Platformio build error because of ESPAsyncTCP

I am getting this error while building the code. The code was building fine till today morning and suddenly started throwing below error. Even google is not pointing in correct direction. Any lead on this?

platformio run

.piolibdeps\ESPAsyncTCP_ID305\src\ESPAsyncTCP.cpp:839:30: error: invalid conversion from ‘int8_t ()(void, tcp_pcb*, int8_t) {
aka signed char ()(void, tcp_pcb*, signed char)}’ to ‘tcp_accept_fn {aka long int ()(void, tcp_pcb*, long int)}’ [-fpermiss
tcp_accept(_pcb, &_s_accept);
In file included from .piolibdeps\ESPAsyncTCP_ID305\src\ESPAsyncTCP.cpp:27:0:
C:\Users\verizon.platformio\packages\framework-arduinoespressif8266@src-31d658a59f41540201fc3726a1394910\tools\sdk\lwip\include/lwip/tcp.h:317:18: error: initializing argument 2 of ‘void tcp_accept(tcp_pcb*, tcp_accept_fn)’ [-fpermissive]
void tcp_accept (struct tcp_pcb *pcb, tcp_accept_fn accept) ICACHE_FLASH_ATTR;
*** [.pioenvs\nossl\lib\ESPAsyncTCP_ID305\ESPAsyncTCP.o] Error 1
[ERROR] Took 13.59 seconds

Do you use staging version of dev/platform?

Yes, I am using Esprissif8266_stage. Is there any solution for this? If I use espressif8266 instead of espressif8266_stage, build is successful. But the above error keep coming in case of espressif8266_stage.

Just update ESPAsyncTCP library via pio update command.