PlatformIO auto generated ESP8266 platform environment

Dear All,

I had been trying to figure how PIO works and discover that it actually helps to setup the platform libraries, builders, toolchain etc with a lots of json/python files created.

With this we do not need to go through the hassle of doing makefile, creating sub folders, making directory path as was mentioned in “Getting started ESP8266-RTOS-SDK” in which it was really lengthy and tedious.

May I know am I right on the above.

Yes, correct. PlatformIO takes away the complexity of the underlying Makefile buildsystem of (an old version of) ESP8266-RTOS-SDK by re-implementing it in Python, which the user doesn’t see. All the project has is the standard platformio.ini.

Thanks a lot. But I need to use PIO with ESP8266 framework but as you replied it is too old. That is the case what alternative do I have?

I do hope to use ESP8266 framework.