Platformio Atom: Possibly changing grammar for PDE files?

I’ve been having an issue where my Processing (PDE) files get their grammar changes to C++.

The packages I have installed for Processing are, Processing, Processing-Autocomplete, and Processing Language.

By disabling and enabling different packages I’m fairly confident Platformio is the cluprit.

I can provide more info on what packages I am using, but is there anywhere in Platformio’s config’s that would be associated with PDE files?

Here is my post in the Atom forum’s regarding the topic:

thank you.

Do you mean this?

will it break anything if i delete PDE out of those lines?

also just curious why Platformio supports PDE files? what functionality would i be missing that Platformio provides for PDE support?

thank you.

In this case, C/C++ code linter, code completion, and syntax highlighting will not work

PDE is an obsolete format of Arduino IDE compatible files. PlatformIO Build System converts these files to valid C++ source files before building.

If you don’t use PDE for PlatformIO, then you can remove “pde” from these lines above.

thank you for the help.

Personally I’m not a big fan of platformio programmatically overriding the grammars. Why doesn’t platformio add language-arduino as a dependency? language-arduino inherits from the C++ grammar and adds additional arduino support.

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Please switch to PlatformIO IDE - Visual Studio Marketplace

Arduino syntax is supported with PlatformIO in VSCode ?

If you mean code highlighting for INO files, yes, it supports!