PlatformiIO not upgrading libraries

Hi all,
I noticed that PlatformIO is not upgrading libraries anymore…

As you can see from this commands, it says that all the libs is up to date but this is not true, infact, if I remove the libs manually and then I build the project, it downloads new versions.

PS C:\dev\dpsoftware\ArduinoRaspberry\PUBLIC\glow_worm_luciferin> pio upgrade
You're up-to-date!
PlatformIO 6.1.5 is currently the newest version available.
PS C:\dev\dpsoftware\ArduinoRaspberry\PUBLIC\glow_worm_luciferin> pio pkg update 
Resolving glowwormluciferinfull_esp8266 dependencies...
Already up-to-date.
Resolving glowwormluciferinlight_esp8266 dependencies...
Already up-to-date.
Resolving glowwormluciferinfull_esp32 dependencies...
Already up-to-date.
Resolving glowwormluciferinlight_esp32 dependencies...
Already up-to-date.

Any way to fix it?

Could you share your platformio.ini file?

What is ArduinoJson? Why did you declare it as the built-in library? Do you mean this library?

If yes, please check the “Installation” section. The valid declaration for the external package hosted in the PlatformIO Registry is %owner%/%libraryName%.

ooops, what a stupid error, I’m sorry and thanks for the help. :slight_smile: