Platform IO to allow specific ESP-IDF releases

When is Platform IO going to address the issue to allow those of us who want to use the most current release ?
Also when are they going to allow us to make changes to menuconfig as well ?

Yes - PLEASE! Can you either update the ESP-IDF that gets automatically installed in VSCODE with PlatformIO or explain how we users can do so?

Thank you

I now only use Platform.IO if I am going to use it with Arduino. For IDF I created a video using VSC, and the latest firmware here: Its a much better solution that Platforms IO way (at least so far)

PlatformIO, whats the holdup with answering this OP ?
I need to use the latest ESP32-IDF. There must be a way, please tell us how

We have a feature request for that:

ESP-IDF changes own build workflow with each new releases. They experiment with different build systems and change folder structure. This is extra work and we currently support only stable releases.

Thanks for responding on this. Hopefully there will be a simple solution in the near future so us that live on the bleeding edge can have it.

it depends on ESP-IDF team. We can provide them integration scripts with PlatformIO, and we did that for ESP 8266 and EPS32 (Arduino). However, ESP-IDF is so complicated project and it’s difficult for developers to maintain different build systems.