Platform Io icon not displayed in VSC on raspberry pi unless platform io re-installed


I had been using VSC with platform IO on a raspberry PI 4 running raspberry pi os with no problems.

It was being used for ESP8266 development of the esp-rfid project.

I recently came back to it, I have not updated my OS from Buster and the platform io icon is not displayed in the sidebar and there are no options on the bottom taskbar for compile re-build etc.
When I click on extensions platform io is enabled globally.
No problems are reported in the terminal.
If I Uninstall platform io amd then install it, everything works, the icon is displayed in left hand side bar and I have the options on the bottom taskbar.
If I close and re-open VSC the icons are not displayed.
I have googfed the problem and tried right clicking on the taskbar,
The option “activate only on platform IOProject is not selected.
Other settings such as"Disbale PIOHome Startup” are not selected.
There are no updates available.
The same problem occurs with the latest Bullseye release of raspberry PI OS, which is why I reverted to what was my Buster working installation.
I have also re-installed VSC and platform IO and cannot fix the problem.

Has anyone a suggestion as to what to try next.

Hopefully I have posted this in the correct place.


I’ve seen this issue being reported before in this forum but with no solution. Please directly file an issue with the developers at Issues · platformio/platformio-vscode-ide · GitHub.

Will do, I was not sure where to post it.