Platform-atmelsam@3.6.1 no longer found

I have a project which still uses platform = atmelsam@3.6.1.
I now get this error with the latest core package:
Error: Could not find the package with ‘atmelsam @ 3.6.1’ requirements for your system ‘windows_amd64’.
I can update my project, after doing some changes to the custom board configuration, it compiles, but unfortunately some SerialUSB things are not working (yet to be investigated fully).

I’m guessing that because this version is really old it is not available for download. Is there a workaround where I can point the platform to a local file or host elsewhere?

That’s uhm, indeed gone from the registry, I wouldn’t have expected that. Maybe because that requires such an old PIO core version that it falls under “unmaintened and deprecated”? Maybe @ivankravets knows about this.

What you can do is still have it point to the git tag, these are still here, i.e.,

platform =

that is 4 years old though at this point, so caution is advised.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I then run into a missing dependency that I can’t figure out how to add.

Could not find the package with ‘framework-arduinosam @ ~4.1.0’ requirements for your system ‘windows_amd64’.

I’m working on the reason that I can’t just upgrade to latest framework in the meantime.

Well that one is trickier. This is not backed up in some public PlatformIO repo, so if it’s gone from the registry, it’s gone. Unless you have the package stored on some old computer (C:\Users\<user>\.platformio\packages\framework-arduinosam).

The current platform-atmelsam also does not reference this package, but I think it likely meant

aka, the Arduino Core for Arduino-made SAM boards (like the Due most notably) at

With platform-atmelsam being from Jun 11, 2019, it probably also used an Arduino core from around that time, and with the Arduino core not being updated very often, that’s actually a fairly recent version.

Looking into it, judging from the builder script, the framework-arduinosam seems to be a custom restructored packaged that combined multiple, from the SAM core derived plus the original, cores in one package (cores/<subcore>, system/<subcore>). I’ve gone ahead and taken the 1.6.12 release (Feb 2019) from the Git, added the needed package.json for PlatformIO package management, and the changes to the folder structure, then used a platform_packages instruction to redirect the package to that made folder.


I’m confused by the sam and samd packages here. My custom board json file is for the SAMD21 found on the mkrzero. I had the platform entry in the ini file set to platform = atmelsam@3.6.1. Looking at the platform.json file in the 3.6.1 source it points to this:

"framework-arduinosam": {
  "type": "framework",
  "optional": true,
  "version": "~4.1.0"

is that related to this read only repo: GitHub - platformio/platformio-pkg-framework-arduinosam: Please forward all issues to

Oh wow you’ve actually found it! Looks like I didn’t look hard enough.

Yeah so you can just download that repo and repoint the symlink:// to point to that.

Or also from the tags directly

platform_packages =