Planned support for Sparkfun Artemis modules?

Arduino IDE supports these modules, but I prefer using PlatformIO :smiley:

Does anyone know if there are plans to add support for these modules?

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This is already tracked in Sparkfun Edge Cortex M4 MCU Board Support · Issue #2709 · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub, though there haven’t been many developments since. The Sparkfun Artemis under the hood is just an ARM Cortex-M4 based Microcontroller called the “ambiq micro Apollo3 Blue” with an Arduino Core and also a vendor SDK (“AmbiqSuite SDK”).

An experimental version seems to have been created by a user at GitHub - nigelb/platform-apollo3blue: AmbiqMicro Apollo 3 Blue: development platform for PlatformIO supporting all known Artemis boards.

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Do you know what the status is on this / if there has been any update? :slight_smile:

Above custom platform is still being developed. Have you tried using it? I don’t have such a board thus I can’t test.


Does it also support the SparkFun OpenLog Artemis. So far I see it is not on the list.

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I don’t see an “OpenLog Artemis” variant in their Arduino core Arduino_Apollo3/variants at main · sparkfun/Arduino_Apollo3 · GitHub for which a PlatformIO board definition could be created. Have you tried one of the generic board definitions in platform-apollo3blue/boards at master · nigelb/platform-apollo3blue · GitHub, like SparkFun_Artemis_Module?

Also, you should direct board support requests to author of that platform at Issues · nigelb/platform-apollo3blue · GitHub for better support.