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PIO is looking for ESP32, but it's ESP8266 everywhere

This is code written for the ESP32, but I used the esp-now library from Espressif. I used PIO/Home to create this new version, Receiver_DOIT_8266, named after the first program written for the DOIT devKit. I specified 8266/12e.

I printed out a Random Nerd code for the 8266 and 32, and the codes are identical. It’s the same program with ‘espnow’ instead of ‘esp_now.’ And 8266WiFi instead of WiFi.

.ini says 8266. PIO/build says 8266. But:

“Auto-detected: COM14
Uploading .pio\build\esp32dev\firmware.bin v3.3
Serial port COM14


What’s going on? How do I get around it?