PIO Home security issue?

Hi PIO community,

we’re facing a problem which raised our concerns regarding security.

We want to use PIO with VSCode in our multi user environment.

The issue:
If user A runs VSC with PIO enabled, all users which run VSC+PIO subsequently are able to access user A’s home directory.
It seems that the subsequent users are connecting to user A’s PIO Home server instance without any authentication.

Can we either disable this service or add any authentication?
The server keeps running even if user A ends the VSC process.

Thanks in advance…

You’ll be looking for a secondary process, platformio / python, which is what actually powers PIO Home. Because of how it works, it usually stays running for an hour after it’s launched.

Unless @ivankravets has a alternative option, this is probably worth doing a feature request on the githib issue tracker for PIO Home.

This is a bug. Please report to Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub

Yes, please open VSCode settings and search for “Disable showing PIO Home as startup”

This issue was fixed in PIO Core 4.2.2-dev. Please re-run in VSCode terminal pio upgrade --dev and restart VSCode.


Opened PIO Home server security model · Issue #3397 · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub

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