PIO Compile Error for M5StickCPlus

Hi everyone,

I had this code working - and suddenly it stopped. I’m sure I must be missing something rather obvious, but I would really appreciate any help. I get this error message:

src\main.cpp:12:1: error: expected ‘,’ or ‘;’ before ‘CRGB’

The code is here: Pastebin

Thanks in advance for any help.

What’s the full platformio.ini?

Sorry, should have included that from the start.

Platformio.ini is here: ; PlatformIO Project Configuration File;; Build options: build flags, sour - Pastebin.com
There is also a header: #include <Arduino.h>#include <M5StickCPlus.h>#include <FastLED.h>// Colo - Pastebin.com

In your header file, this is missing a semicolon after the closing brace.

const CRGBPalette16 RedWhiteBlue_p =
{   CRGB::Gray, CRGB::Blue, CRGB::Black, CRGB::Red,
    CRGB::Gray, CRGB::Blue, CRGB::Black, CRGB::Red,
    CRGB::Red,  CRGB::Gray, CRGB::Gray,  CRGB::Blue,
    CRGB::Blue, CRGB::Black,CRGB::Black, CRGB::Red}   <<<<< HERE!


Thank you Norman! I’ve spent hours looking for something in the main file and that never occurred to me!

Really appreciate your help.

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Been there, done that!