Pio ci fails as tmp dir already has source directory

Using pio ci to build example from a library i’m writing generates the following error.

scons: *** 'C:\users\username\appdata\local\temp\tmpbcql9r\.pioenvs\adafruit_feather_m0_usb\src' already has a source directory: 'C:\users\username\appdata\local\temp\tmpbcql9r\lib\src'.
File "C:\python27\lib\site-packages\platformio\builder\tools\platformio.py", line 179, in VariantDirWrap

Could you provide test project to reproduce this issue?

I know that the code itself doesn’t work but I think the example file should compile.
Travis compiles it fine so I guess it must be a local setup issue.

command used:
$ pio ci -l src -b adafruit_feather_m0_usb examples/printData

As I’m writing a library I’ve set the library folder to src in the ci command.

You don’t need 12, 15 lines here HMRlib/platformio.ini at develop · bluespider42/HMRlib · GitHub

Try to remove them.

Thanks -
I’ve got it to run by renaming the src folder to something else, or I guess i could move them into the top level.
I presume that there is a conflict between a library being a folder called src and the src folder created by platformio init.

I haven’t had this conflict on other systems though.

I got this problem. It’s a bug where 2 libs don’t have manifests but have the same folder name. If manifest is missed (where “name” is defined), PIO uses folder as “name”. In this case, we have a conflict.

Please open an issue here Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub.

This issue seems to have gone away for me by upgrading to 3.1.0

Which version did you use before?

I seem to have had platformio installed as a python27 package and installed as an atom plugin which were at different versions.

Please remove 2.11.2 and use IDE’s version. You can install pio command globally into the system via PlatformIO IDE: Menu > PlatformIO > Install Shell Commands.

Thanks but this fails on my computer (Windows 10) I then get instructed to manually run

Please install shell commands manually. Open system Terminal and paste commands below:
$ sudo ln -s C:\Users\blues\.atom\packages\platformio-ide\penv\Scripts\platformio /usr/local/bin/platformio
$ sudo ln -s C:\Users\blues\.atom\packages\platformio-ide\penv\Scripts\pio /usr/local/bin/pio

Which wouldn’t work on my computer.

Thanks, that is a bug. I’ve just fixed it

Could try to patch %USEPROFILE%/.atom/packages/platformio-ide/lib/maintenance.js with this file and restart Atom. Thanks!