PIC32 compiler damaged?

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to run a simple blink example with my OLIMEX Pic 32 Pinguino.

The code was taken from here w.o. modifications:


I compiled it, uploaded it (using the Pinguino IDE since there is this weird issue).

Anyways, it does not blink. The LED is somehow dimmed, which might be caused by very fast on/off periods- is the delay command correctly understood??
I tried to compile the same code with the other IDE that I have, and the code works. I also took a look at the resulting *.hex files, which are differing (14KB vs. 18KB), but this might be caused by different compiler flags(?).

I have the following content inside the .ini file:

platform = microchippic32
board = pinguino32
framework = arduino


Here, you’ll find the .hex compiled by pio (not working): https://ufile.io/580de
And here you’ll find the working code: https://ufile.io/42eb3

Please file an issue here Issues · platformio/platform-microchippic32 · GitHub and place link to this thread.

Did you have already a look at it- I think some time has already passed and we didn’t get any answer, neither here nor on GitHub.

Hi @KKraljic!
Could you please try to program your board using Arduino IDE?
Just add https://raw.githubusercontent.com/chipKIT32/chipKIT-core/master/package_chipkit_index.json to “Additional Boards manager URLs” in preferences and install chipKit core from Boards Manager. Does it work?