Path or symlink to cli missing after Atom IDE install

platformio noob here.

According to docs the core is supposed to install with Atom IDE install.
Neither in PIO terminal in atom nor in linux terminal is it available nor as alias 'pio’
I see the platformio script is in the bin folder under .platformio so maybe the symlink was not created?

I was actually trying to set the default projects directory which lead me to having to use the cli (this setting should really should be part of the IDE).

if I enter the penv/bin directory and do ./platformio it runs.

so I made the symlink and alias

Am I missing something here or did my install not get the symlink made into one of my default paths or maybe it was supposed to add a path??? In which case this is an install bug?

running on ubuntu xenial

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Do you mean this Redirecting... ?

ok then it looks like I was responsible for this.

I suggest a link to this part of FAQ should be in the install section area as it didn’t occur to me to look in the FAQ for this information.

We have: