Parola zones problem


I am configuring a display made of 32 8x8-matrices (MAX7219) and I want to split it to four zones to display different messages.

I started with the Parola Zone Display example and extended the MAX_DEVICES value to 32 and the MAX_ZONES value to 4, the zones are set up by

P.setZone(0, 0, 7);
P.setZone(1, 8, 15);
P.setZone(2, 16, 23);
P.setZone(3, 24, 31);

With this setup I get no message displayed, the display stays blank. Only when I change the last zone to

P.setZone(3, 24, 30);

all four zones are displayed, but the last zone is only 7 matrices wide instead of 8.

The Parola Scrolling example displays over all 32 matrices, just the zones do not work as they should.

Is this a known issue, i.e. is the number of matrices limited for zones?

Any helpful answer would help me a lot…


Questions about issues with libraries and their code are best taken to their github issues page or stackoverflow / if they are not directly related to the usage of PlatformIO, I think.

Yes, you are right. I contacted the author of the library, so this post here is obsolete.