PanelDue 7i as a board in the Platformio

With the PanelDue 7i you could implement many exciting projects.
My project is a customized CNC display.
I’m looking for people to help implement PanelDue as a board for PlatformIO in VisualStudio Code


  • 800 × 480 Pixeln auf einem 7-Zoll-LCD mit Touch
  • serial Port / Micro-SD / Buzzer
  • ATSAM4S4B MCU 120MHz, 64kB RAM, 256kb flash.
  • Manufacturer link Duet 3D

Steps I’ve already taken

  • Create board C:\Users\pr.platformio\platforms\atmelsam\boards\PanelDue7i.json
  • Download Microchip Packs RepositoryAtmel SAM4S Series Device Support
  • Copy File to C:\Users\pr.platformio\platforms\atmelsam\misc\svd\ATSAM4S4B.svd

I’ve already invested a few hours and want to document the progress.
I have problems with the extra_flags, variant and everything I don’t know yet.
I look forward to recations that could help.

With which framework is the board support to be used? By default, platform-atmelsam has the general builder scripts for Arduino, Simba, Zephyr and mbed-os. And I don’t see any of these frameworks supporting a ATSAM4S4B if I search in their repos.

The page PanelDue - Not Maintained as the only developer resource links to a 3D printer sofotware GitHub - Duet3D/PanelDueFirmware: Firmware for the PanelDue touch screen for 3D printers.

The only thing that will surely work is setting up a Atmel-CMSIS environment like done in GitHub - maxgerhardt/pio-baremetal-atmel-cmsis and discussed in Bare metal on arduino due / atmelsam.

As a matter of fact…
The MCU is not even available on
Previous success in the Microchip Studio with ASF is the MCU listed

They may not have any example projects there but they have general ATSAM4S4B support in the ASDF source. In fact, that’s what their PanelDueFirmware seems to be built on.

I’ve created the repos

The first one is a minimal firmware with only the Atmel-CMSIS firmware, you’ll have to do writes to the peripheral registers to achieve anything useful in main().

Tthe other one is the PanelDueFirmware forked to build the final firmware (paneldue-logo.bin and paneldue-logo.bin, akin to PanelDueFirmware-3.4.0-7.0i.bin and PanelDueFirmware-logo-3.4.0-7.0i.bin, see Installing and Updating PanelDue Firmware - Not Maintained and Releases · Duet3D/PanelDueFirmware · GitHub). You can download the repo and open the platformio subfolder as a project in PIO Home to open, or directly execute pio run in that directory.

Can you test those out?

Many Thanks
I will test it in the next free minutes.