Package versioning

Is there any place I can check upstream version that corresponds to specific package version?

Eg. framework-mbed is currently listed at version “13” but this is not the upstream version (currently 120, in PIO I guess is 117), and same for framework-arduinoavr which is listed as “30” but Arduino is currently at 1.6.9, installed version.txt in PIO reads 10608 and is described as 1.6 in package.json. Not to say this is confusing.

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+1, this will help us to know on which ‘real’ version we work.

I propose to forget about PlatformIO 2.0. We are working on the PlatformIO 3.0 and new decentralized architecture for development platforms. All platforms related code has been moved to separate repositories. You will be able to clone/modify or create own development platform in a few steps.

Now, each development platform defines own requirements, contains own build scripts, LD scripts, examples and etc. See:

Related GitHub issue from PlatformIO 3.0 roadmap:

I see lot of development in 3.x area, is the code usable yet?

Do you use PlatformIO IDE or only PlatformIO CLI?

On a related note, is there any way to update a package?
Currently, framework-mbed is “latest” at version 13 (which, looking into mbed.h means actually 117).

$ platformio platforms update

Platform nxplpc
Updating framework-mbed package:
Versions: Current=13, Latest=13 	 [Up-to-date]
Updating toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi package:
Versions: Current=3, Latest=3 	 [Up-to-date]

Far as I can tell, this version has a bug in its implementation of Serial.printf() which prevents emitting floats - however, if I build my very same code in the mbed online IDE, (which links with revision 121 of framework-mbed) the code runs correctly.

How do we go about updating the framework?
(I’m using platformio 2.9.5 – let’s assume I’d rather not upgrade to 3.0, unless you tell me it’s stable and fully usable).

Many thanks!

@valeros please update ARM mbed framework. Thanks.

Thanks, guys - you’re heroes!

The ARM mbed framework package has been updated today and released with new PlatformIO 2.10.0.

Please upgrade

Well, thanks for that - it didn’t work: it wasn’t a bug in mbed’s printf() library, but something in platformio.

I’ve posted a more detailed description here (here’s to hoping I can post the link here…)