Own/private platform not able to install it on Core 5.0.0


in my company we use platformIO to build our firmware and we try always to use the latest PIO. For it, we have define our own platform and we just find out that in the latest PIO 5.0.0 cannot be installed our platform…
I read something about the new packages in platformIO, that seems that includes also platforms, and as you wrote “PlatformIO Core 5.0 uses THE ONLY official PlatformIO Trusted Registry

That means that we need to push the private company platform to continue working with platformIO?

The error that we get when we try to install our library is:

$ pip install -U platformio
$ git clone <repository_with_platform>
$ pio platform install <folder_with_platform>
Platform Manager: Installing
Error: Could not find the package with '' requirements for your system 'linux_x86_64'

Thank you in advance,

@ivankravets, could you help me with this? I am confuse and I don’t know if I understood it correctly.


seems that with the version 5.0.1 is working again. I am not sure if is related with Could not load platform data · Issue #1187 · platformio/platformio-home · GitHub or with Package manager tries to install built-in library from the registry · Issue #3662 · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub.

Thank you @ivankravets for your work.