Overview window for code

Hi guys,

I’ve found that it’s possible to turn on a window on the right side of the IDE that shows a complete overview of the written code and where you’re currently located in it. See also the attached photo.

How can I turn this on?

truth be told - I’m all new to the core, so I would appreciate a relatively newb-friendly approach.



This looks like the Atom editor right? (You didn’t tell us). This feature is generally called a “Code minimap”. You can install such plugins over the plugin manager in your IDE, usually.

For Atom, try Sunsetting Atom | The GitHub Blog.

Ah, sorry… It’s was for atom - and it’s exactly what I was looking for!

I have absolutely no experience in command line tools, so, this is where my lack of experience really shows:

How do I install it?

I simply tried to type the “apm install minimap” in the terminal and it just returned:

“bash: apm install minimap not found”

I also tried to find it under the packages - but with no search hits.

See Sunsetting Atom | The GitHub Blog. The package installer in Atom should find that package if you search for “minimap”.

Weird that it doesn’t find the apm command… How did you install Atom? It should have been installed along with it.

I installed atom from the webpage (atom.io) and downloaded the platformio-ide trough the package installer.

It doesn’t find anything on “minimap” or similar - but seems to works fine otherwise.

You are searching within your Installed pacakges. In the middle-left of your picture, you must go to the “+ Install” menu to install new packages. Also press enter after you typed in the package name to start the search.

Haha - you are so right.

fixed and installed with no sweat.

thanks, and sorry!