Outdated low-power library

Hello everyone,

When using the libraries manager from PlatformIO I noticed that the low-power library from Rocket Scream Electronics is only available in version 1.6. There is version 1.81 on GitHub.

How are the libraries in the manager updated?

The version info comes from the library.properties manifest file, not the Github release pages. And that says

Due to the library maintainers no increasing the version or otherwise changing the library.properties, PlatformIO does not detect a change that would trigger an automatic update.

@ivankravets can you manually update the library (https://platformio.org/lib/show/38/Low-Power)?

As a workaround, you can always specify a direct source like

lib_deps = 

in the platformio.ini of the project to pull the master version (docs).

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Sorry, we can’t manually update the library. Could someone make PR to Low-Power/library.properties at master · rocketscream/Low-Power · GitHub ?

PR is open at Update version in library.properties by maxgerhardt · Pull Request #117 · rocketscream/Low-Power · GitHub.

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