OTA Firmware Upload Multiple Devices

I have 150 wireless devices running the same firmware with OTA firmware upload capabilities through ArduinoOTA. The devices advertise with mDNS, and I can see them all when running pio device list --mdns. I can successfully OTA update with PIO to a single device by setting the –upload-port to any device’s mDNS name.

Is there a way for me to issue an OTA firmware update to all the devices found on mDNS with a single PIO command? Right now I have a Python script that finds devices on mDNS, and runs the following command for each device found:
pio run -t upload --upload-port <MDNS_NAME>

And more generally, I see features like PIO Delivery in the works, and mention for supporting more professional environments to deploy and manage firmware to multiple devices. Are any of these features available yet? If so, where can I learn more to evaluate them for my use? If not, is there an estimate on when they will be offered?

We don’t have progress on PIO Delivery yet :frowning: You workflow looks good like a temporary solution.