OS X Hard Crash on Upload to Teensy

I have been experiencing hard crashes with a black screen and the small, multi-lingual message on my MacBook Pro (13" 2017):

  • Catalina, 10.15.7
  • VS Code 1.53.2
  • USB-connected Teensy 3.2 architecture (my own board with a PJRC boot loader chip)

The crash reboots the Mac after displaying the message for some seconds (or I can press the spacebar to restart right away)

I’m looking for a pattern for this crash.

  • always shortly after pressing Upload in VS Code (0-1 second)
  • possibly when moving my bluetooth-connect Apple Magic Mouse shortly after pressing upload
  • every 2nd to 15th upload. (yesterday has this pattern of uploads before crash: 2, 15, 6, 6, 8)

Has anyone else experienced this?
Any solution?

  • Thanks!

Seeing exactly this behaviour (i.e hard system crash) on second upload. First upload always works.

PlatformIO 5.1.1
VSCode 1.51.1
Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

No log info. Loader popup appears, then it’s window crashes and goes black. System can only be recovered by hard reset.

Does the same occurr in Arduino IDE if you repedeadly upload?

I don’t use the Arduino IDE. When I get a minute I’ll give it a go. P

Thanks all, for your responses.
This will be hard to reproduce… but it may be wireless mouse related.

I noted the crashes “seemed” to occur more often if I touch/moved my Bluetooth mouse (Apple Magic Mouse) right after pushing “upload”.

I further noticed my mouse batteries were low.

After replacing the batteries, it has not crashed… and it had crashes pretty regularly. I know of no other changes occurring at this time.

I can’t create a theory that links the BT mouse battery level with PlatformIO - Teensy upload… but I keep my mouse batteries fresh now.