Option to skip linker?

I’m unable to find an answer by searching documentation. Is there a platformio.ini option to skip invoking the linker in the build?

I’m attempting to create an environment called sanity_check that will only build one CPP file (with the -E flag), and which will not invoke the linker. Currently the linker always produces an error (due to the intermediate output in the .o file).

I tried the -c compiler flag, but it didn’t make any difference.

In addition, I also need an option to prevent building the core files in .pioenv/my_env. This will speed up the sanity-check but also I want to make a dependency_map environment to get a report of which files are including which, and in what order. Being able to do this as a PIO build will be helpful for us to sort out our multi-platform glue code.

Since linking is the final step, the .o files should have been created within the .pio\build\.. folder. Can you work with those files?