Old dog new tricks

Hi, I had been using the Arduino IDE for about 10years until late 2020 / early 2021, when I switched to platformIO. It was a step change which enhanced my project development for almost a year… until the first of 3 calamitous failures. I have no idea what provoked each one ( macOS or IDE update ) but I suspect the latter. I’m now standing in “no man’s land”, with a heavy pack on my back in the shape of an unfinished project. I need to learn a few new tricks in order to recover with confidence if I return to platformIO … and it refuses to run or fails to compile ( the same unaltered code that it ran “yesterday”). Any suggestions ( or a strategy for ) how I might unravel these disturbing and mysterious failures when / if they occur again ?

We can really only help you if we get to see the exact error message, code and platformio.ini. Everything else is a shot in the dark.

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yes I appreciate that, I was making a general point ( which perhaps wasn’t explicit ) that on the occasions where platformIO appeared to fail for no obvious reason, I lacked the insight and knowledge to determine why it had failed ( or refused to compile code which was fine the day before ), I had little option but to return to the Arduino IDE. I do enjoy using platformIO but would like to have more confidence in it’s stability, and / or feel better equipped to understand how best to recover when disaster strikes. When I do start using it again, I will provide more detail if / when it fails.