nRF52832 cannot debug

Hello everyone.
Today I used Jlink to debug my nrf52832 chip and there was such a problem,
I don’t know where the problem is,I can also debug nrf52832 a few days ago。

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But COM10 is just the JLink’s USB serial port, not the port at which the JLink directly can be reached? Can you remove the debug_port = .. line and retry?

Also, an update of the JLink software version may be a problem, to revert, you can try as described in We’re currently investigating an issue that may have been introduced by updating JLink

Thank you for your answer, the problem has been solved.
I think I should take a closer look at Platfromio’s documentation :rofl:

Did work via the first or second method?

I deleted the line “debug_port=…”


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