nRF52832 BLEuart ada_callback error

I have a problem when using PlatformIO and the Periperal BLEuart example from Bluefruit nRF52 Libraries 0.10.1 with a Bluefruit Feather nRF52832. The error I receive is this. a value of type “const ble_gap_evt_adv_report_t *” cannot be assigned to an entity of type “void *”. BLEScanner.cpp this line of code, if (_rx_cb) ada_callback(evt_report, sizeof(*evt_report), _rx_cb, evt_report);. with ada_callback underlined red. I have also tried the Periperal Beacon example withe same results. Both of the examples work just fine with the Arduino IDE and same library. I would really like to use PlatformIO for my project but cannot get past this error. Not sure why I receive the error because BLEScanner code is not used in my project. I am very new to PlatformIO, any help or direction would greatly be appreciated.

platform = nordicnrf52
board = adafruit_feather_nrf52832
framework = arduino


This is because the first parameter malloced_data is of type void*. I bet you didn’t cast it to this type, also check what types of data are used as other parameters inside AdaCallback.h file.Btw, you could simply use this function like this:
ada_callback(NULL, 0, handleData, passedData);
Where handle data id:
void handleData(uint32_t passedData){…}