NRF5 SDK native support

Is NRF5 SDK supported by PlatformIO? Can I use NRF5 SDK and armgc in native mode (no Arduino, no Mbed, no Zephyr)? If yes, are there any examples? I have PCA10040 (NRF52-DK) and my target processor is nrf52805 on Fanstel BC805 module BC805M, The Lowest Cost nRF52805 Bluetooth 5.2 module — Fanstel

This is not currently supported out of the box.

For the nRF51 platform, an issue exists to support the nRF5 SDK at support for nordic sdk as framework · Issue #24 · platformio/platform-nordicnrf51 · GitHub.

For nRF52, no such issue exists yet. That’s why I just opened Add nRF5 SDK support · Issue #105 · platformio/platform-nordicnrf52 · GitHub for bookkeeping.

Also PlatformIO doesn’t yet support any board with a nRF52805 chipset at this time (per PlatformIO Registry).

One can hack something together by creating a PlatformIO project with no framework = .. line to cause no framework, only the user’s source files (src/ and lib/) to be compiled. That must then contain the relevant source files for the nRF5 SDK. Probably needs some post-build logic too though regarding integrating the softdevice code. So, I’d actually recommend to use the native SDK build tools and work with that for now.

Thanks for clarifying that.