Not using these pins anymore, but PIO thinks I am

I’m using a WeMos D1R32.
I have some analog sensors, so I had them in IO2, IO4, IO 36, IO 34.
PIO says 2 and 4 are used in WiFi, so I shifted them all down. Now IO36 gets the first analog sensor.

PIO still flags IO2 and IO4 as being used by WiFi, but they aren’t in the script.

I already deleted the PIO folder.

How can I make that error go away? It’s not in the build, it is communicated by the device while this program runs.
I’m sending a stack of data by ESPNow.

This error comes from the receiver, which receives and serial prints all the sent data.

I want to see if there’s a right way to do it before I save a new file.