Not asking to "Show next libraries? [y/N]: "

I’ve been using platformio for many projects now, and I’m really enjoying it. But I ran into a problem with the library manager when I try to search for libraries.

This may be a local issue, but when I search for libraries in the CLI it only shows 10 results when it clearly has found more and does not ask to show next libraries as it did before. It just ends there (as seen in the picture).

I know this a small issue but it is very annoying…

Many thanks for your help!

It looks that you turned off prompts globally. Please enable

platformio settings set enable_prompts  Yes

If you need to “avoid” prompts for the session/command, please use -f, --force option after a main command. For example, pio -f run.

P.S: We will remove in 99% these prompts in PlatformIO 3.0

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Thank you! It worked first try! Can’t wait for PlatformIO 3.0! :slight_smile: