Not able to build tasmota32s3 Project, some header are missing

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to compile the project in vscode using the PlatformIO extension, but I cannot build the project tasmota32s3 out of the box, and is the same for tasmota32 and others, the only one tha I could successfully build was tasmota. The error I get is that the audio_hal.h library is missing. I already double checked if the github project was the right one and also changed the cpp-Intelli as it described here: Visual Studio Code - Tasmota.

I thanks in advanced for any help that I can get.

Their CI run Berry various fixes for Walrus Operator (#18982) · arendst/Tasmota@9cf3d16 · GitHub shows that it’s succesfully compilable, so there shouldn’t be a problem on the library side. The simplest thing to try is a clean reinstall: follow guide.

I changed the folder it was located and now is working, Thank you!

Well then it could have also been that enable Win32 long paths would have helped.

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