No such file or direcory when chaning src to lib

I am trying to test a code that I made and what I saw that is the best practice to move all the files from the src to the lib files to be tested separately. However, when I move them, I start getting a lot of errors like the following:

And having the following platformio.ini file:

Update: Provably, this error is caused by another compilation error, however I could not find anything wrong…

Am I doing something wrong? I would need some help!
Thanks in advance!

How does lib/Loramesh include ArduinoJSON? Depending on the style, set lib_ldf_mode accordingly.


Remember that if you’re want to write tests for the “native” platform, then Arduino framework will not be available.

You can use GitHub - FabioBatSilva/ArduinoFake: Arduino mocking made easy but not everything will work OOTB anyway.

Same for the included libs: if they require Arduino framework, they will not work (unless you mock the framework and set up platformio’s LDF to include the libs*).

*`lib_compat_mode` does NOT make a difference for `lib_deps`?