No new version of SFE_microOLED.h library available

Installing the “SparkFun Micro OLED Breakout” - library works, but differs from what is stated in sparkfun’s readme about their version.

Apparently, non-standard I2C and SPI pins are now available, coming with a new constructor and begin function for the OLED, which is great, but not true in my case. Opening the h-files show the old, fixed pin constructors. There’s no way to change the version in the library tab, only “0.0.0-alpha+sha.f9d6e2bb91” shows up. How is this connected to their promised version 1.3? Do i have to download that manually?

I have looked at a lot of examples and could not find any mentions of a new version. The only instance of them mentioning it is in the readme file. This is very frustrating and all i want to know is if i can select my pins manually and if yes, how. The library doesn’t seem give me any useful instructions. Using the old, fixed version is not an option for me, since my hardware is fixed. I hope i’m just misunderstanding something.

Indeed – the problem is that they haven’t updated the library.json file regarding the version number, only the files (that is ignored by PlatformIO if the PIO-specific library.json file exists). See repo.

To use it, you can use a lib_deps expression with the Git link (or any other download link of the library), so doing

lib_deps =

in the platformio.ini should work and give you the latest released version.

In the meantime I’ll PR the original repo to have this issue fixed in their library. (Edit: PR opened).