No Home button on

Hi all i installed PIO but no home button and no alien on the side.
i also didn’t get the prompt to restart VSC. i uninstalled and tried again but I’m stuck.

i did some searching and tried “the reload for developer” fix and got this

Please Help!!

It’s best to investigate the first error in the log. That’s likely the root cause and the other errors are just subsequent faults.

Unfortunately, the first error is not visible in your screen shot.

The first visible error says that PlaformIO could not start because the Microsoft C/C++ extension was unable to activate. So the root cause in PlatformIO related. The problem might be with the Microsoft C/C++ extension or something that the extension depends on.

Please show the start of the log.

I am having similar issues as listed above. I’ve done many uninstalls and reinstalls and many restarts after everything. I don’t have an of the PIO buttons on the sidebar or status bar. My developer tools>console is attached. Any help is appreciated.