No files in library


When trying downloading our library #1681 “ITTIoT” through the platformio library manager it only gives you the library.json file and nothing else.
A year or so ago it still worked. Has something drastically changed with platformio that it can’t get the files anymore?

On our side we did change the server where the domain of the library download directs to, so might this have broken it?
The domain name and url itself have remained the same.

The library direct download link:
and the newest libary.json file

@ivankravets, can you have a look at this? PlatformIO Registry is the lib. Library archive is externally hosted and refered to as "downloadUrl": "", in the library.json, but downloading via e.g. pio lib -g install "robolabor/ITTIoT@^1.0.7" only gives

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On a sidenote, yes. PIO has switched to the secure PlatformIO registry (Migrating from 5.x to 6.0 — PlatformIO latest documentation).

It might be the case that externally-hosted library files might not be supported anymore due to security concerns and you would need to republish your library folder into the registry where it will be stored and served from.

But the CEO should be able to clear this up, too.


I’ve just assigned you to be the owner of robolabor organization. You can now invite other members. See Migrating from 5.x to 6.0 — PlatformIO latest documentation

You can now publish your package using pio package publish --owner robolabor /path/to/lib/folder. Please remove downloadUrl from library.json. So, keep it clean with base fields.

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