No Data is printed on the Bluetooth serial port PlatformIO

I am trying to test and learn BLE and Bluetooth classic. With the following code attached below, I have connected the device successfully to my mac. I tried to check if I am receiving any data but as shown in the images below it is empty. Not sure why this occurs. I did try switching the comms and checked my platform ini settings.

The board I am currently using is the Freenove ESP32-Wrover-dev this is an ESP32CAM dev board

Try to use /dev/cu.ESP32test. Devices with /dev/tty... are dial-in devices and wait for an incoming call.

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Hi, I did try it with the /dev/cu.ESP32test however I still do not get any response in the terminal. I have been following this tutorial How to get your ESP32 development board to communicate with another device over Bluetooth Serial. On investigation it appears that my SerialBT.available() returns False, which is one of the reasons son to why I seem to get this issue. I do know that Bluetooth is still connected during this period. Do you have any advice on how I could solve this issue?