Newby looking for advice

I have just started using this program to modify the Marlin Firmware File for a new 3D Printer board.
After I have completed the modifications and and ran the building. I cannot seem to locate the saved file? it says it is saved at “.pio/build/LPC1768/firmware.bin”, which I cannot seem to find?
I am using the program on a Mac.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Folders with . in front of them may be interpreted as hidden folders, at least on Windows. Is there some “show hidden elements” opton in the Mac finder?

You can of course also use a terminal to cd into the path to check if it’s there.

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When I go to a hidden folder, I use the “Terminal” program, because I haven’t figured out using “Finder”, maybe it can’t be used!
I have a text document where I save command and path, to get to folders and document or program faster.

ex: “cd .platformio/platforms/atmelsam”

Hi all, Many thanks for your replies.

I have finally found out how to sort this dilemma out.

You goto the folder where the file is and press ‘shift’ and ‘cmd’ and ‘.’ and it reveals the hidden files.

It seems to be the only way you can show them.