Newbie using Envirodiy:Mafyly/Arduino

Hello I’m a Newbie to PlatformIo -and amazing to discover PlatformIO
I’m mostly been using Eclipse C++, Cloud9 IDE/BeagleBone and a counple of years ago mbeb online.

I’ve got PlatformIO/Visual /Windows10 downloaded and ran an arduino blinkey for board=Mayfly -and downloaded to Mayfly and ran OK.

I’ve forked, cloned and downloaded
to my local directory and there is now
with a

My question is can I use these files directly in PlatformIO?
I’ve not got it clear the difference between importing, opening a directory, and how I set up a workspace - and work with github

I did find that if I created a directory logging_to_EnviroDIY and renamed
it compiled and worked (automagical amaaaazing… documented here Newbie Mayfly Setup for RS485 sensor to internet – EnviroDIY)

many thanks for any insights

Oops I found it.
I changed the platformio.ini to reflect the actual code directory:
;src_dir = logging_to_EnviroDIY
src_dir = .

and then it compiled and linked.!!

Wow. Fantastic. I’ve spent many hours on past build environments, so this is fantastic to have a front end to have it all hang together.