Newbie: installed lib is not found

Hi, i have installed a library that cannot be found.

So I get:

C:/Users/Remco/Documents/PlatformIO/Projects/THINX -esp8266-pio-master/THINX-esp8266-pio-master/src/thinx-lib-esp.ino:9:22: fatal error: THiNXLib.h: No such file or directory

and when I try to install:

THiNXLib @ 852171b35a is already installed

Since I’m complete new to Platformio, I suspect it’s something really basic. I did find in the docs that libs are (also?) installed per project. But I cannot find a place to link the lib to the project. It is now in Global Storage. (sounds good to me (-:wink:

I also added lib_deps = THiNXLib to the platformio.ini file. This didn’t change anything.