New platform NXP QN9090 - JLink debugging

after a few days I have finally put together a new package so that I can build the blinky example from the NXP QN9090 SDK. I have successfully uploaded and programmed the flash memory. My next goal is to be able to debug using the JLink interface. How do I go about this?

So you’re building your own PlatformIO platform? Need a bit more background than that. If you were using a premade PlatformIO platform, it’s highly likely that setting debug_tool = jlink in the platformio.ini suffices. If you are creating your own platform, you’d have to add the handling code for that.

Hi, thanks for quick reply. The QN9090 isn’t currently supported by PlatformIO. Could you give a little more detail on the debug handling code, where to find and if any examples are available.

Best to look at the other examples, such as GitHub - platformio/platform-ststm32: ST STM32: development platform for PlatformIO.

You’ll want to the tool-jlink package to your platform.json’s packages

Then in the’s configure_default_packages

And in _add_default_debug_tools() make sure that the link list includes jlink and the handling code

Make sure to handle the debug_speed option per

and finally for the case upload_protocol = jlink, add the handling code that generates the JLink command script and executes it

of course, this code accesses the board JSON’s information in regards to debug.jlink_device etc. so make sure it uses the right JLink device name in its JSON file

Great thanks for the extra detail. Looks like I’m missing handlers in