My library shown correctly on Arduino IDE, not in Platformio

Hi all,
I publish 10 libraries on Arduino Library Manager, and in the Arduino IDE I see 10 libraries, but in Platformio I can get only 9.

The missing library is this

It seems all ok, tag <-> version, no particular error or similar.

Thanks, Renzo

Let’s wait another day or two so that the crawler maybe picks it up (48h should be allowed). If it’s not there then, I’ll ping the needed people (ivankravets).

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Hi @maxgerhardt,
I’m going to ping you because the issue isn’t fixed.
Bye Renzo

CC @ivankravets Arduino Library Manager has repo

but not us (PlatformIO Registry). Can they be synced?

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Thanks for the report. Fixed :rocket:

I think there is a problem with this library also

It isn’t updated with the last 2 versions.

Thanks Renzo

We manually triggered updating for this library. Our crawler tried a few times to update it but failed with the broken version v2.2.2. Multiple manifests that contain different versions

The v2.2.4 was added to the registry

Hi. I’m new here, sorry if this is not the correct place to post this.

The tttapa/Control Surface library has a dependency of the paulstoffregen/Encoder library which is in version 1.4.2 since Mar 2021 but in PlatformIO it is still version 1.4.1.

Is this something you can fix here, or by the developer of the library?

The v1.4.2 release tag contains two different manifests ( GitHub - PaulStoffregen/Encoder at 1.4.2 ). this is the reason why the crawler automatically didn’t update a package. We updated it manually. See

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