My god, what have I done

So in the quest to remove the home server / homepage I renamed the command script. There is no setting to stop it from running at startup and it makes a ton of internet requests when I open atom. PlatformIO immediately deleted itself and broke. Then it tried to re-install itself but since a python/atom/nodejs instance is stuck open with me being unable to terminate it, the install fails.

So now I’m stuck rebooting, maybe I can edit the files… or maybe there is a better way to disable the home screen and unwanted internet activity?

Can’t you kill all python/nodejs/atom processes from Linux shell or Windows Task Manager, delete platformio home folder then reinstall?

I had to reboot and then reinstall. Trying to kill the process gives “access denied”. I still want to end the home screen/server. At least the pio plus exe doesn’t run. I just want to compile things not run a web server or do cloud anything.

Don’t you have “Show at startup” checkbox on the PIO Home tab? It’s located slightly above & to the right of Quick Access buttons.

No, I never allowed the web server to start. I get a blank spinning circle. Also enjoyed finding the hidden telemetry setting in the console options.

Try to enable the web server and turn that checkbox off then.

I set it in but it didn’t make any difference. It still tries to load the server and the home page on startup.

Try my advice, it works for me.

Not so long ago the home page was sleek and frankly perfect. The ton of internet requests you are experiencing are basically there to download a few tweets from the PIO twitter feed so they can be displayed in the latest “Latest News” block. It is a real shame that there is no simple option to disable this block. On my installation I have hidden this block (however annoyingly the internet requests are still called). The file responsible for this is located within $USER.platformio\packages\contrib-piohome. It has a filename that consists of a long hexadecimal number (that changes with each update) and ends with .min.js. It is not an easy file to work with (minifyed javascript never is) but if you’re feeling brave this is the file you will have to modify to get rid of the internet calls. Make sure you keep a backup of your modified file so it isn’t deleted when PIO updates.

That package is missing. Good I guess. Wish there was a way to stop the attempts starting pioplus and opening the non functional page however. Also wonder if there is telemetry in the non teminal IDE; there is no setting to disable it. The telemetry package is definitely still there. Haven’t tried deleting it, I bet PIO will self destruct again.