MultiPage Projects

So I’ve exhausted my Google Foo and cannot for the life of me figure this out.
Maybe I need another search term but…

I’ve come from the Arduino IDE and have several projects with multiple *.ino pages in them.
In the Arduino IDE when you compile it just joins the pages into one big long HEX file and uploads it.
But I get missing subs when I try to compile under PlatformIO …


/home/brandon/ownCloud/Atom Projects/TestOne/src/CHIPS.ino: In function ‘void setup()’:
/home/brandon/ownCloud/Atom Projects/TestOne/src/CHIPS.ino:349:61: error: ‘counterOne’ was not declared in this scope
attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(interruptPinOne), counterOne, RISING);

Could you share this project for debug? I’ll not publish it globally. Contact me directly here.

I can share something that acts in the same manner.
Do I just reply here or how to I send it directly to you?

Please send me directly to

I’ll remove it after a test.

Odd … I think I’ve resolved it in trying to provide an example
The compiler didn’t like the void setup and void loop functions tabbed off the root of the line.
When I eliminated the spaces the other “Missing” functions were found.

I’m sending you a ZIP of an example right now. Not sure if its a bug or not.

This is a known feature. See PIO Core RegExp to extract all prototypes.

I recommend to convert all files to CPP/H files to make full control on own project. INO files are not valid C/C++ files. Arduino IDE and PlatformIO apply own mechanism to receive working CPP files.

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I see. Well thanks for the quick reply. For the current project I’m working on I think I’ll leave everything as INO files for now. But I’ll keep this in mind for future projects.