MSP430F5529 Debug

I am able to build and upload code to F5529 (LaunchPad). However, when I tried to go into debug mode, I received this message:

Using new (SLAC460L+) API
Found FET: COM5
MSP430_Initialize: COM5
FET firmware update is required.
Re-run with --allow-fw-update to perform a firmware update.

I have no idea how to “re-run with --allow-fw-update” to perform the needed firmware update. In fact, in light of successful upload and running of the code, I suspect FET firmware update is not the problem.

I am running Windows 10, also PlatformIO shows Core 4.3.4 and Home 3.2.3

Todd Anderson

Rerun as shown in Lpmsp430fr6989 unknow MCU HEader - #34 by glynhudson.