Move library U8glib-HAL_ID1932 to new repository

We’ve moved U8glib-HAL_ID1932 to it’s permanent location. What is the process to update PlatformIO?

The new info is:
GitHub - MarlinFirmware/U8glib-HAL: Customized U8glib for use in Marlin 2.0

I tried pio lib -g uninstall U8glib-HAL and pio lib -g uninstall U8glib-HAL_ID1932 but both came back with Error: Detected unknown package

I expect that those commands are only available to the PlatformIO admin people. It’d be dangerous to let anyone play with the global libraries.

Thanks a lot that contacted us. Done!

Thanks for the quick response.

I’ve verified that the library is now being fetched from the Marlin repository.

All is well.